McLachlan Studio

Handmade Jewellery

In 1980 my wife Mary and I established McLachlan Studio on our 50 acres in Tasmania, Australia after training as Gold and Silversmiths at RMIT Melbourne. Our designer jewellery practise has informed on my sculpture, there is a preciousness and sensuality about my sculpture, the fluid lines and highly polished surface suggests the illusion of flow. Hugh

'Narcissus Kiss Bubble'.

Solo Sculpture Exhibition - Sydney 2019

I find it fascinating how jewellery is able to symbolize and evoke such powerful emotions; a token of love, commitment, treasured memories, a celebration of two lives well lived together. Somehow, the precious metal that encircles my finger, nestles around my neck or wrist, or hangs from my ears has become imbued with such powerful and personal emotions.

Birthdays and anniversaries, significant occasions, milestones, achievements, weddings; all need, and deserve to be celebrated. The passage of time, wisdom gained, and families loved is worth treasuring and acknowledging. Our jewellery, that will last a lifetime and beyond...a wonderful thought! Mary